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          Nanofibers, first documented in US Patent #692,631 in 1902, have long been used in filtration, and their benefits to filtration products are numerous.
          Recent advances in production equipment have decreased the cost of brinding nanofiber production into a product, improved the qualities of the
          nanofibers webs, and allowed for easier integration with existing
          filter production equipment. Nanofibers can improve your filtration products in ways which will enable you to produce higher quality, higher margin
          products.Improved filtration efficiency with nominal pressure drop increases will provide filter users with lower
          operating cost through reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance cost.
          Innofibers s.r.o. allows the filter manufacturer to optimize the nanofiber laver to meet the growing demands of the
          filtration market.Typical diameter of fibers is 80 to 350 nanometers ,area weight 0,03 - 0,3 gsm.



        Photogalery: (electrone microscope)

    Photo Copyright ELMARCO s.r.o.
      Nanofiber structure


      Celulose structure


      Nanofiber structure on VAC celulose filtration paper.
      There is very good visible celulose fibers in comparison to nanofiber-net at this level of magnification.


        Test results & Certificate:

       AntimicrobeWebTM test results from Aug 2006, submitted by NELSON Laboratories Inc., Salt Lake City, USA.
       Material is used for surgery face masks.

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       Results of testing made by PALAS at WFC10 congress and exhibition in Leipzig in April. Tested material was FILTIN PA6 008 (Neenah paper for air
       filtration 120 gsm, material NFCo: PA6, area weight 0,08 gsm).Comparison of measurements shows difference between the same base material
       with and without nanofiber layer.

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                                                   NaCl laboratory tests                                               VAC filter paper test, acc to DIN 44956/2

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